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Parkinsons Diseases Sufferers Impaired Sense of Smell

I’m sure this is a fascinating piece of work but not sure what it means. My main question would be how can anybody measure ability to smell and keep consistent across multiple patients? Maybe they have an answer – guess … Continue reading

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Physicians Will Use Other Agents for Parkinson’s Disease to Delay the Need for Levodopa – Decision Resources

ALTHOUGH LEVODOPA REMAINS THE MAINSTAY OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE TREATMENT, PHYSICIANS WILL INCREASINGLY USE OTHER AGENTS TO DELAY THE NEED FOR LEVODOPA About Half of Surveyed Neurologists Say They Will Increasingly Delay Their Use of Levodopa-Carbidopa in the Next Two Years, … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s disease could be eased using deep brain probes

A brain “pacemaker” can fight Parkinson’s disease, according to The Independent. The newspaper said that combining deep brain stimulation (DBS) implant surgery with standard drug treatment has been found to give greater improvement in motor function and to reduce symptoms … Continue reading

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