Your FP7 Partners

Are you looking for FP7 SME Partners?   We are, and have a lot to offer the right research groups.


We’re a boutique IPR Exploitation consultancy, with less than 10 people (for the moment). Businesses like ours stay focused on the end game, adapt to changing circumstances when necessary and respond to others requirements. That’s why the EU is keen to involve SMEs in projects. Guys like us are more likely to develop commercial propositions than bigger businesses, and make a success of them. We’re assured the pace of FP7 Calls and Awards is accelerating, and more emphasis will be placed on the involvement of SMEs. – That’s us!

EU Location

We’re based near Inverness- capital of the Scottish Highlands and emerging hotspot for LifeSciences research. Various buildings around Inverness

The weather is a lot better than you might think, the beaches are golden and empty, the hills offer perfect peace and solitude, and the links host some of the best golf in the world.


Our involvement with FP7 dates back to October 2006 when we were invited to lead an application for the Avert-IT consortium. Ours was one of the first projects funded under the programme and we’ve worked with the EU as the processes and procedures matured. We’re just about to present our second annual review. We’re quoted as an example of best practice and our consortium partners want to continue working with us in new projects. – We have the Tee Shirt!


We went into the project with software and business development skills mostly acquired in the engineering industries. During the project we’ve developed other capabilities:

  • Collaboration with Scientific and EU institutions.
  • Change leadership in clinical research.
  • Bayesian Artificial Neural Network design, development and discovery.
  • Web 2.0 techniques and technologies.
  • Innovative approaches to exploitation.


In every respect FP7 is a huge opportunity for SMEs, but especially in terms of healthcare and medical devices. Both segments are protected by formidable barriers to entry but, with a focus on clinical leadership and pre-funded research, entry costs are dramatically reduced by FP7. The programme enables wider ranges of innovation and an acceleration in the pace at which it can be implemented. So we’re particularly interested in eHealth.

But we’re also open to other fields and topics – anywhere our data warehousing and analysis skills can add value.

Let’s talk about ways we might work together. Contact Steve Reeves at

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  2. Pingback: Case Study Starting and Building a Business on FP7 Research | Front Office Box

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