Can Handwriting Aid Diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease

Can handwriting analysis aid in the diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease? It can according to the paper

Preprint of the contribution to the VII. Int. Symp. Biological an

d Medical Data Analysis ISBMDA 2006,
Thessalonik, Greece 2006.
Appeared in: N.Maglaveras, I.Chouvarda, V. Koutkias, R.Brause (Eds.):
Proc. Int. Symp. Biological and Medical Data Analysis, LNCS Vol 4345, Springer Verlag Heidelberg 2006, pp. 441-450

which you can download here [download id=”20″]


At present, there are no quantitative, objective methods for
diagnosing the Parkinson disease. Existing methods of quantitative analysis by myograms suffer by inaccuracy and patient strain; electronic tablet analysis is limited to the visible drawing, not including the writing forces and hand movements. In our paper we show how handwriting analysis can be obtained by a new electronic pen and new features of the recorded signals. This gives good
results for diagnostics.

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