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Alzheimer’s Disease Begins Neurodegeneration Years Before Symptoms Show

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Why Internet Marketing?

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Physical and Mental Work Outs Help Manage Neurodegeneration

It seems there’s real benefit to be gained from keeping both body and mind active – even for neurodegenerative disease sufferers. Here’s a list of references confirming scientific findings. Neuroplasticity References – Value of Exercise in Neurological Diseases Eur … Continue reading

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Can Handwriting Aid Diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease

Can handwriting analysis aid in the diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease? It can according to the paper Preprint of the contribution to the VII. Int. Symp. Biological an d Medical Data Analysis ISBMDA 2006, Thessalonik, Greece 2006. Appeared in: N.Maglaveras, I.Chouvarda, … Continue reading

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What People Living Longer Means for Business

The Economist Intelligence Unit has conducted research in this topic and reported its findings in it’s A silver opportunity? Rising longevity and its implications for business. The report was sponsored by AXA download it here -[download id=”19″] ” A striking … Continue reading

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The Silver Opportunity

Do We Have a Technology Gap or Innovation Gap in Meeting the Future Demands of Older Baby Boomers? Technology and aging over the last decade has made it to the public agenda. It has been the subject of government, industry … Continue reading

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Your Health in the Cloud?

Technology firms and health care Heads in the cloud Digitising America‚Äôs health records could be a huge business. Will it? Mar 31st 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition About time we caught up with the … Continue reading

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