The Decline Of Web 2.0

The Decline Of Web 2.0

Posted on Dec 19th, 2010 by Niall Harbison

We are all obsessed with sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin at the moment but rewind a few years to when the term Web 2.0 first popped up and a whole host of different sites were the hot young startups destined for great things.

It’s amazing what a couple of years do though because as we can see below, some of the biggest sites from the “Web 2.0 generation” are either on a massive decline, facing huge competition or about to be closed down. There’s a good lesson here to highlight; how the hype cycle around websites and services can come and go and what was once lauded and destined for great things can within a couple of years shut down and be abandoned…


One of the most popular and useful sites of the Web 2.0 era this massively practical bookmarking tool was used by many people to keep track of content that they found online. Yahoo bought the site at it’s peak but users have started to drop off (the graph below might not be reflective as many people use browser plugins etc) and just this week there was speculation that Yahoo are pretty much going to be killing off the site much to the amazement of some of the loyal user base who use it on a daily basis. Fortunately that isn’t the case but the company is looking to sell.


Possibly the highest profile of all the casualties given it’s rise to fame, the high valuations it received and the online celebrity of it’s founder Kevin Rose. The traffic had started to stagnate and fall last year but the downturn really accelerated this year when the returning Rose tried to introduce a whole host of new features to try and compete with Facebook and Twitter but those changes backfired spectacularly by alienating the loyal community and the site is shipping users as fast as they once gained them.


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