Millions of savings can be made by tackling dementia – Alzheimer’s Society

Millions of savings can be made by tackling dementia

Published 14 December 2010

Tackling dementia care can help the government achieve the efficiency gains it needs, Alzheimer’s Society said today, Tuesday 14 December.

The government must make £20bn of NHS savings by 2014, the same as the annual cost of dementia to the UK.  In a report on public expenditure, the Health Select Committee has warned that the government has no ‘credible plan’ to make NHS savings and said it was concerned that health and social care budgets would be squeezed. People with dementia occupy up to a quarter of all hospital beds and are amongst the biggest users of social care.Alzheimer’s Society comment:

‘If the government wants to provide good care and stop wasting money it needs to change the way it cares for people with dementia. Dementia costs £20 billion a year, more than heart disease stroke and cancer combined. Yet the UK is in the bottom third of Europe when it comes to dementia care.  As the number of people with dementia doubles in a generation and costs triple, effective spending on dementia will pay a huge part in helping health and social services manage big cuts.’

Louise Lakey
Policy Manager
Alzheimer’s Society

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