And Tonight’s Dram is Aberlour

Being a snooty sort of guy, and living in the proper Highlands, I’ve tended to look down on the Speyside malt whiskies.

Glenmorangie is closest to where we live, Clynleish is just up the road, and Dalmore not 20 miles away.

In the circumstances who would want to drink something from Speyside?

Well it seems I’m picking up another Scottish trait – being careful with my coin.

Last week the local store had Aberlour on offer, so I bought 4 bottles. Well what’s a principle when there’s money involved?

To cut a short story even shorter, I’m part way through the 2nd bottle and

Surprise, surprise!

I’m really enjoying it.

Aberlour still isn’t a Highland Malt, but at the right price it’s very quaffable.

If you see it somewhere buy it and try it.


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