Automatic SEO with Wordtracker’s Strategizer – Strategizer

Automatic SEO with Wordtracker’s Strategizer

Wordtracker’s new Strategizer tool automates a process that professional SEO Mark Nunney has successfully used for almost 10 years. What previously took Mark days, anyone can now do in minutes. Here, Mark explains Strategizer’s ‘automatic SEO’.

Strategizer can maximize your profit fast by finding the groups of keywords you know:

  • deliver the most response to your site
  • your site can beat the competition for

And Strategizer will show you much effort you should invest into each group of keywords.

To use and understand Wordtracker’s new Strategizer tool, you’ll first need to be familiar with your Google Analytics Keywords report. It looks like this:

google analytics keywords report

Google Analytics gives you keyword data for single keywords. For example business strategy brought 1,340 visits in the report shown above. That’s nice but there are some problems with it…

Single keywords don’t bring enough visits or business. For example, 1,340 visits a month, converting at 3-4% just isn’t enough leads or sales for most websites.

To work at scale we need to target and see data for groups of keywords. You can see this ‘group’ data in Google Analytics by using the keyword filter at the bottom of the keywords report. See the image below:

Keyword filter on Google Analytics report

See how all the keywords shown (716 of them) now contain the keyword business strategy. This is our example site’s results for the business strategy keyword niche.

Take the low hanging fruit

What’s more (and extremely useful) is that…

…if your site already gets results for a keyword eg, business strategy, then it is usually easy for it to get more results from other keywords containing business strategy, ie, from the business strategy keyword niche.

This plundering of keyword niches for keywords you are already successful for is your low hanging fruit. Take it.

So for those sites already attracting traffic, before looking outside your own keyword reports for keywords to target (keywords that you don’t know how hard it will be to get results for)…

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