Sales Strategy for Handling Price Objections

Sales Strategy for Handling Price Objections

by stevensreeves

in Selling Price

Does your sales strategy include the use of price as a strategic tool for helping control conversations with customers and closing deals? And I don’t mean using discount to win deals!

The critical success factor for most businesses is price integrity. Maximise your prices and a healthy bottom line just naturally follows. The reverse is also true. When customers start dictating your prices the future will look bleak, very soon. Any discount eats directly into your margin, but the overheads don’t go down, so it also goes straight to the bottom line – and that means loss.

The question of course is how to handle customers objections without giving away the farm. They aren’t going to sign without thinking they’ve gotten the best deal going. The seller needs to persuade them they’ve gotten it, without discounting.

If that sounds easier said than done, you’re right. It is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t defend your price. You can.

Hopefully we can help a little, with our unique take on price as a sales strategy.

We’ve just posted a white paper on our downloads page – How Price Can Be Your Best Pal. Please help yourself to a copy, with our compliments.

It’s intended for business owners who find themselves needing to sell, but without the training and experience they’d prefer to have under their belt.

This will help them handle pricing objections as part of their sales strategy, rather than caving in to the demands for discount.

It’s nearly 8 pages describe how professional sales guys understand the role of pricing in any sale and use it to coach customers into decisions they can live with.

The paper also includes examples of how pricing can be discussed without customers using it to their own advantage. Some of them are real case studies, albeit only thumbnails.

A few minutes with our How Price Can Be Your Best Pal might be rewarded with more profit and higher commission checks, forever.

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