3 Ways To Get Smart With Sales Operations

Sophisticated sales management software tools for building a small business are hard to find, but we have some you might find interesting.

When you’re on top of the 3 Simple Tools for Small Business Success it’s time to get smart with implementing your sales strategy. Getting smart requires a quantum shift in thinking, because the only silver bullet is your knowledge of the market, your resources and your information systems.

Nobody makes a sophisticated sales management software tools set for your particular small business, because they can’t! What they can do is provide the capability for you to implement systems to work the way you do. That’s what the management consultants call capability – the software is capable of doing what YOU want, as opposed to doing what the programmers decided you should want. More of that later.

For now we’ll assume you’re totally cool with sales strategy, prospect lists and Plan Act Review.

So what comes next?

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management moves the concept of the Prospect up several levels. It gives you tools for managing qualification, bid review, proposal, delivery and customer service – all in a seamless process from targeting the suspect through to testimonial.

Planning and Task Management

Planning and Task Management is all about marshalling your resources – figuring out who will do what, and when – assigning responsibility – monitoring execution. This puts you in control of what’s supposed to happen, without all those reminder notes in your calendar.

Relationship Management

You need one place to keep everything you know about the prospect, the customer, the vendor, or the partner. Normal Contact Software doesn’t allow you to keep the level of detail you come across. You need something different – something where you can know all about your customer, addresses, people, notes about them, and important correspondence.

With these 3 sales management software tools the small business can move its selling operation up several gears, but you’ll need a system which lets you do it your way.

That’s why we built Front Office Box, and why it works the way it does. It gives you all the capability you need, without enforcing stuff you don’t.


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