3 Simple Tools For Small Business Success

A sales management process and the right tools for small business selling will increase your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

We’ve talked about a number of philosophies and concepts to help small business owners make the most of their opportunities in this blog. But there are 3 which stand out as simple to understand, and implement.

Sales Strategy

Defining who will buy what from you and why is the cornerstone of any business. In What Is Your Sales Strategy we’ve described the process and offered a template you can use to work out exactly what your value proposition should be. You’ll refine your ideas as the business grows but its important to start off with as much as you can figure out, today. This strategy gives you your executive summary for presentations, proposals and even those chance meetings in the elevator.

Prospect List

Your prospects don’t exist in only one dimension, and neither should your Prospect List. In Solving My Prospect List Puzzle we’ve explained the complexity involved in every sale and offered a template for how to value each deal. Managing your prospect list is fundamental to making the most of your opportunities.

Plan, Act, Review

Planning what’s supposed to happen, executing the plan and reviewing the results to find ways of improving the plan next time around is the basis of most management science. It’s a simple concept first described nearly a hundred years ago and now the premier tool in the Management Consultant’s bag. In Plan, Act, Review we’ve explained the history of the philosophy and how you can use it, without the help of those consultants :-)

3 Simple Tools

Use these 3 simple concepts in your small business and you’ll have the jump on 95% of your competitors, and almost as many of your customers.

And if you’d like some tools to help you do this while you get on with winning and servicing clients, check out Front Office Box. You can find out why its special at Front Office Box Secret Sauce.

On the other hand, if you’d like to just get on with getting on, register your Front Office Box today and get started. We’ll look after the mundane while you get on with the heavy lifting.

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