Getting Heard Above the Noise

The Internet is now so busy getting the attention of people is very difficult – not a task for the amateur, and certainly not for the impatient. And the really bad news is, despite all the snake oil promoted by the MLMers, there is no short cut.

This article by The Next Web shows how successful the WordPress platform is, in terms of numbers. It doesn’t show (couldn’t really) what proportion of the serious Internet publishers use this software, but I’m prepared to bet it’s more than 75%.

Anyway here’s the reason just starting a web site won’t bring visitors to flood your server.

WordPress has downloaded 13.4 millions of its latest version and powers 8.5% of all Internet sites?

The numbers don’t quite work (for reasons which won’t affect the argument) but just extrapolating these two numbers tells us there are nearly 160 million web sites.

A large number of those are defunct, or really bad, or just plain crooked, but that still leaves a hell of a lot of legitimate, high quality sites. IF that number is only 25 millions (?) getting heard above the noise can still be very tough.

Old fashioned Search Engine Optimisation won’t help either. Google and other search engines don’t want a few pages with pictures and a couple of generic keywords. They want current, quality content, and that takes effort, expertise and more than a little patience.

WordPress By The Numbers

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