Sales Management Process – 3 Reasons You Need One | Front Office Box

Sales Management Process is something rarely talked about in polite company. Generally people prefer the mythology of the born salesman, or the power of being positive or the good old fashioned numbers game.

Recognising sales and sales management is about being professional at the job is something most find hard to do.

There are 3 simple reasons why a sales management process is vitally important, and I don’t care which business you are in. If you depend on sales to feed the family then these are relevant to you.

Save time

Anybody who’s been selling for more than a few weeks knows 90% of what we do goes nowhere. A sales management process which sorts the real opportunities from the rainbows is worthwhile. It saves us time wasted on stuff that aint going to happen, so we have more time to spend on stuff which is.

More Accurate Forecasts

Doesn’t matter whether we’re an entrepreneur building a business, or a door knocker with an unhelpful bank manager. Knowing which deals are going to come in helps us be more accurate about cash we can plan to go out.

Better Customers

Winning customers who’ll be happy with what we can deliver, as opposed to those who’ll always be complaining, is good for our business. In the future we’ll get more referrals and be worried about fewer brickbats.

Your Sales Management Process

Quite how you develop a sales process for your business is a separate subject, and your process is unique to you. BUT with a process you’ll be more in control and know why you’re doing what.

There’s quite a lot of information in this blog about sales management and sales qualification. You can read it and then make up your own mind.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, only that you do implement the philosophy and then find ways to improve your ideas as some work for you and others don’t.



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