Best of the Business Internet – August 30th.

The Internet gets fuller everyday with information and comment about business tools and business issues.  This week continues the trend and in this selection there’s more interesting news and comment you may, or may not agree with.

It’s my newsletter 🙂 so I’ll start with stuff I wrote about social media.  It’s actually a series in which I unpick the hype from all the self proclaimed gurus who want to coach you in how to do that stuff, and then go on to give examples of some real business benefits.

Here’s the series:
Why Social Media is a Complete Waste of Time
How Social Media is Changing Everything As It Dies
Why to Use Social Media Even When It’s a Waste of Time

And here’s the rest of the best.

Comscore reports growth in Twitter usage falls off in the USA and never really started in Europe

Mashable reports on How Starbucks Finally Gets Free Wi-Fi right

The Next Web profiles Boomerang for Gmail which addresses a problem we solved more than two years ago and Newsblur which adds intelligence to our RSS Reading

While Mashable tells us Gmail Gets an Unofficial Snooze Bar which also solves the email problem.

The Daily Telegraph reports the UK has More than 1 Million on Incapacity Benefit for 10 Years

Mashable offers us 7 Steps to Measuring Your Brand’s Social Media Health

Seth Godin talks about The Right Price The First Time  

Gartner Explains Why the Back Office May Never Fully Understand the Front Office

Open Forum suggests we Be Where Your Customers Are

Anita Campbell reports These Issues Need to be Resolved Before Cloud Computing Becomes Ubiquitous

Windows Users MIGHT be pleased to know the Beta version of IE9 is on the horizon

Apparently Foursquare has just reached 2.6 million users which could be interesting, or completely meaningless depending on your business.

eSarcasm makes us smile with Is That a Smartphone in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Pleased to See Me

And shows us in video Why the iPhone Could Never Make an Action Movie

Foundation Elements for Modern Business is Seth Godin talking about something I have first had experience with, and I might just argue with him later.

Steve Strauss gives us some really sensible guidance on How to Get More Twitter Followers

Seth Godin explains why we should Choose Our Customers and about The Decision Before The Decision

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