Best of the Business Internet – August 22nd

Here’s this weeks choices but before we get into that I’d really appreciate your opinion on something new I’ve been trying out.  Continuing my theory about Infotainment I’ve been combining video with text in an effort to make the content more engaging.  Please take a look at Who Won the Shield in 2010 and leave a comment on the page, or email me.  Do you think this works?  Will the combination of text, images and video offer you a richer experience?  Is this a technique you could use in your own business to interest prospects and customers?

Meanwhile on the web we have a busy week, with a little fun thrown in.

Google has announced a new Contact Manager for Gmail but don’t expect it to do anything different – just look a little tidier.

Steve Miller at Two Hat Marketing explains Marketing is much more of a challenge because people aren’t bored any more, which is why we all have to get into Infotainment – my interpretation.

If, like me, you’re more than a little confused about social networks Ravi Mehta offers us some enlightenment with Why Games Are The Killer App for Social Networks

Gartner Group come up with A Different Take On The Argument for Social Media

Whilst Chris Brogan asks Is A Social Crash Coming but The Next Web reports Twitter Traffic Exploding Around the World

Meanwhile Business Exchange offers us a revolutionary idea in Creative Business Financing Options: Self Funding

And eSarcasm lightens the mood with a masterpiece in Keyword engineering a title – Top 10 Reasons iPhone Users Have More Sex Than Android Fans

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