Don’t Trust Social Media Snake Oil

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Are you excited by the Social Media phenomenon? Do you hanker after the influence and opportunity that comes with being one of the smart people – the ones who make fortunes working 30 minutes a day on their computer. Will you pay some nice guy on the Internet money to join his class, join his in-crowd, learn how to make money with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Stumbleupon, Linked In and a host more?

If so I have some interesting real estate in Florida you’ll want to buy. It’s a bit damp in places, but Nothing Ventured …….. as they say.

Everybody in media seems to be asking us to follow them on Twitter. BBC Breakfast – that experiment in public sector intellectual inspired social engineering asks us to join it’s Facebook Page. Politicians are now interviewed on the Today programme about ways they use Twitter.

Surely Social Media is the way to go?

Yes it is, but not for the reasons you might think, and it’s not as easy as you’ve been led to believe.

A social footprint will become as essential as an entry in the Yellow (White in the USA) Pages. But that’s just the start. The real problem comes in getting people to want to read it and actually give a crap about what you think and have to say.

Social Media is the place where people find fun and aspiration- Facebook for family and friends, You Tube for entertainment, Linked In for employment opportunities. They aren’t there to be sold to.

In fact most people aren’t there at all. The ones who tried it decided somebody’s enjoyment of coffee, or somebody else’s hangover, or another’s calling to God, didn’t do anything for them.

They found hanging around Social Media wasn’t bringing people closer together. It was just allowing people to be weird. And they gave up on it.

The big question for all of us is just how we exploit this new openess to achieve our goals.

And the only answer to that is get stuck in, ignore the stuff we don’t like, and find ways to get what we want.

By the way here’s an example of what’s happening in Social Media – you can draw your own conclusions.

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