Doing Business Socially With New Media

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The noise about social media success over the last year has become deafening – most of it snake oil. It seems everywhere we look (or listen) somebody is asking us to follow them on Twitter or fan their Facebook Page. Even BBC Breakfast is replaying some of it’s content on Facebook.

No wonder businesses are starting to think they should get in on the act. After all, how hard can it be to announce stuff in 140 characters. And of course they’ll easily convert all their suspects, prospects and customers in to followers hanging on every word. And it’s all free. Where to I sign?

Of course they’ve missed something pretty crucial. As individuals the people in the business haven’t embraced social media. Either they couldn’t see the point of trying it, or they they got put off using it by all the garbage they found. Staying in touch with social media requires navigation through a minefield of spam, nonsense, indiscretions and porn.

If, as individuals, they don’t want to play how do they think it’ll work for the business? Either nobody has asked  that question, or they were afraid to answer honestly.

For our part we know it can be productive – having been engaged for a couple of years now – but are also aware of the challenges. That’s why we’ve written a series of articles to take away the facades constructed by those self proclaimed social media gurus.

The articles are spread across 2 blogs.  I’ll bring them together here so you can choose which point to join the discovery process.

To kick things off we started with Scotland Should Wake Up to Social Media because, so far, Scotland really doesn’t get it, and especially the Highlands. But there are a few starting to think about it.  We want to encourage them.

Next we wrote Why Social Media Is A Complete Waste of Time because after a few short weeks of hopeful effort that’s what you’ll think. We tell you about it, and leave you with the thought there’s better news around the corner.

Don’t Trust Social Media Snake Oil reminds you all that glitters isn’t gold, particularly when its being punted by some pseudo consultant.

And How Social Media Is Changing Everything As It Dies recgonises the phenomenal growth of these social services is now slowing down and switching to reverse. But that’s no reason to delay getting started. The benefit doesn’t come from using Twitter or Facebook, or anything else. It comes from the changes in behaviour persisting long after those sites died out.

We closed out the series with Why To Use Social Media Even When It’s a Waste of Time In this article we bring the conversation back to where we started with Why Scotland Should Wake Up to Social Media.

The article explains two direct business wins we achieved in the last 36 hours, and explains how we did it.

If this series doesn’t persuade you of the need to get your ideas out there and be available to others when they choose nothing will

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