Best of the Business Internet August 16th

It seems everyday there’s more stuff to look at in my RSS Feed and more I want to share with you.  Sometimes its really good stuff and sometimes it’s more of the snake oil from condescending prats which I’ll signal – don’t worry.

Sometimes its worth reading that garbage just so we can laugh at their poor attempts at concealing their motives.

Combining a healthy dose of both here’s this weeks review – Enjoy!

What does Google know about small business?  We might find out if we follow it’s new Blog Specifically for Small Business

Mashable gives us 38 essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

Bootstrapping A Start Up asks Is This The Right Time to Start a Business

Seth Godin’s articles are getting shorter by the day it seems.  I’m sure there’s a lesson for all of us in that fact alone but the main benefit is I can highlight The Paradox of Promises in the Age of Word of Mouth, A Hierachy of Failure Worth Following and The Art of Seduction

I just can’t stay away from American Express Open Forum – mostly because it’s full of condescending codswallop written.  BUT  Having said that Building Success Without Huge Debts is something every entrepreneur should read in these difficult economic decisions.

If that rings bells for you Three Reasons Might Business Might Fail – But Won’t will be well worth a few minutes reading

How to Run Your Entire Business For Free Using Web Apps provides a list of business applications with free versions available.  It that floats your boat you might like our own Free Business Internet Tools We Use because unlike most people’s lists we do actually use these.

There’s a reward posted for anybody who can explain The Antidote for Commoditization and why anybody would give a crap.

Why on earth any business owner would need to be told How To Use Proactive Social Customer Service to Build Your Brand but it’s a great example of how to stuff keywords into a title.  The fact it sounds so contrived just makes me laugh.  Seth Godin would never do that.

Getting More Than a Good Reference is a much better title and makes some valid points in a condescending way which makes me want to squirm.

The Google Wave team will be a little embarrassed to have published Stop! Waving Time just a week before Daddy decided to Stop Wave Development

One Man’s KPI is Another’s Mistake Waiting to Happen is a wonderful example of the contrived nonsense consultants come out with to confuse clients.  I defy you to explain to me what this article is really about.

Gartner Group gives us Elephants and Big Companies Can’t Help Trampling On Things

Open Forum shows us 5 Site Metrics Every Small Business Should Track  

Read How Businesses Are Booming and you’ll get a chance at some air time on Open Forum.

And the same site offers 3 Easy Ways to Master Your Facebook Presence Depending on your market Facebook may or may not be relevant but the advice here applies to any social connection including off line relationships.

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