Best of the Business Internet August 8th

I only get feeds from around 100 sites so there are obviously good posts I miss.  And I know I seem to quote the same sites each week.  And I never quote from blogs written by subscribers to this newsletter.  And I always quote some of my own stuff.  I’ll admit all those valid criticisms.

If anybody wants to help me out here by referring me to their own blogs, or by pointing me at other resources, I’ll be glad to expand the field considered for these updates.  Speak up and help me make the time I spend more relevant to YOU.

Meanwhile I’ll just get on with this weeks review 🙂

This last week has been a standout for the amount of Social Media Snake Oil which will be the subject of an upcoming article.  I’ve been watching stuff for long enough to be able to spot the sales pitches. Maybe I should get a day job, or a life.  But until I achieve either one or both of those admirable objectives here’s the news.

If you haven’t come across eSarcasm you’re in for a real treat with Top 10 Reasons Why HPs Board Asked Mark Hurd to Resign

In the Front Office Box blog you’ll find The Power of Lose/Lose Selling which sounds as if it should come from eSarcasm but is actually a serious piece on sales strategy.

Pete Cashmore in his CNN column explains why the demise of Google Wave is Good News for Facebook You probably never got caught up in the Wave hype, and almost certainly have given up on Facebook but here’s a Rim Dweller explaining what the implications of Google’s retrenchment might be.

Simultaneously The Next Web is explaining How Google Can Take It To Facebook  There’s obviously a divergence of opinion here, which is always worth a good row.

I’ve been exploring the potential for using video as part of the blog story.  Take a look at Made in Scotland for a quick smile and at Carnegie Shield Week at Royal Dornoch for a serious look at how I think text and video can compliment each other in telling the same story.

Anybody wanting to increase Influence On Line will find plenty of ideas at Copybloggers 60 Ways

The Next Web’s fascination with weird start ups continues with an introduction to LikeOurselves and then tells an interesting story about Skype’s route to IPO

eSarcasm is definitely NOT Safe for Work but made me laugh with Listen Ladies – Guys Are Easy

The Next Web explains 5 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page – this is good stuff for anybody wanting to keep their work persona separate to their fun time

And follows up with Facebook’s UK Growth Tails Off maybe because they haven’t read the 5 reasons, or perhaps they’ve just had enough of all this sharing stuff, which is probably closer to the truth.

I’m totally bemused why anybody would need to be told How To Fire a Bad Customer but I guess somebody does.  Let me think! – how would I do that? How about you? How would you get rid of a customer you didn’t want?

Most people haven’t got into marketing/selling with video yet but I’m getting there.  How to Enhance Your Online Presence With Video will be a good kick start to making the move to publishing with video.  By the way get a Panasonic HDC-SD600 camcorder and a Macbook Pro with iMovie and making almost pro quality movies is a piece of cake.

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