Is Your Business Socially Engaged?

What does social engagement mean, and should businesses be achieving it. If so how are they to become socially engaged, especially when their organisation and processes are all focused on internal relationships and issues. This report from The Next Web suggests businesses either don’t care or don’t understand what the social apostles are talking about.

Internet Engagement Report: We Have Work To Do

Much is made these days about how ‘engaged’ the modern company is supposed to be. We have all heard stories of companies filled with teams of people whose job is to cruise the internet and make customers happy by solving their whiny little problems.

The sad news is that that is largely the anomaly, not the norm. According to a recent study by BearHug and 80Legs, most consumer questions in online ‘feedback communities’ go unresolved. How is your company doing? Are you keeping the tide of public opinion in your favor? Check the numbers to see how you are doing against the competition:

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