Pick of the Week July 3rd 2010

Here’s our regular selection of the best of the Business Internet!

For those who’ve just joined us – we spend a lot of time cruising the web looking for new ideas on how to do business using the Internet, to reach further, get there faster, for less cost.  In the process we read at a large number of articles, and the ones we think you’ll be interested in are introduced here.

A Real Time Financial Dashboard for Small Businesses sounds like a crazy idea to me? but Mashable reports on a new software service which provides precisely that.  Do you agree this is another idea far too sophisticated for its intended market?

I think there’s more bullshit talked about social media marketing than there is about anything else and there’s no shortage of advice around from self proclaimed experts.  Dan Klamm’s 5 Rules for Professional Social Networking Success is unusually clear and concise guide for those who want to give it a try.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable fame writes a CNN column – this week he’s hoping Google is building a Facebook rival service and makes some great points for us simple business folk.

Embedding a Google Wave in a web page might not be everybody’s idea of mindblowing clever technology stuff, but hold on – we haven’t seen the best of Wave yet.  Real time, global conversations in a web page sounds pretty powerfull and the Wave blog tells us how to do it.

Lynn Truong offers us 4 Pricing Strategies to Promote Value in the Open Forum.  They may be obvious? but we all need some help once in a while when it comes to seeing the wood instead of the trees.

Perhaps like me you’ve never really got into You Tube?  We host videos there of course but don’t see it as an information resources.  That’s just changed with Matt Silverman’s article 5 You Tube Channels for Small Business Advice

You’ll probably never have heard of Steve Miller, but he’s a seriously good guy when it comes to marketing.  A measure of how good is Seth Godin comments in Steve’s blog.  I really enjoyed his You Won’t Get Referrrals if Theres Nothing Worth Talking About  While you’re over at Two Hat Marketing be sure to check out Steve’s ideas.  It’ll be some time well spent.

And because I select the pick and write the newsletter I get to include my own contributions:

Developing Our Business Strategy continues our living case study covering our building our new business – in this case we’re working on our strategy road map.

Business Planning for Entrepreneurs and Start Ups suggests a generic process for business planning and demonstrates in a video how we do our own planning this way, using Front Office Box.

4 Sales Tools to Increase Productivity is intended for Reluctant Rainmakers – entrepreneurs who have to sell their own stuff, but don’t have experience in sales management.  In it we suggest four tools (concepts) which you can easily implement in Front Office Box.

Free Software Died Today explains how, and why, we’re moving from free to paid FOB accounts.

Hope you enjoy this selection.



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