Mixed News on SME participation in FP7 report –

SME Participation in FP7 – Fifth Progress Report

The aim of this report is to monitor the participation of SMEs in the Cooperation Programme within the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). The report also covers the SME participation in the Capacities and People programmes of FP7. The Commission is required to pay special attention to the funding for SMEs under the Cooperation Programme, following the target in the Decision establishing FP7.

The aim is to enable at least 15% of the funding of the programme to go to SMEs. This Fifth SME Progress Report in FP7 includes an analysis of SME participation rates across the themes of the Cooperation Programme and of the EU contribution to SMEs in FP7 Grant Agreements (GAs) signed before 1 April 2010. In addition, an analysis is included covering also the grants to ESA, the Joint Technology Initiatives and the so-called “General activities” within the Cooperation programme.

The major outcome of this monitoring exercise is that within the Cooperation programme as a whole 14,1% (1.263 million €) of the budget has been granted to SMEs so far. The Cooperation programme still has 23.800 million € available to spend (72% of the total budget). Although 20.000 SMEs are expected to benefit from FP7 before the end of the Programme, the trends graph on page 18 shows that the 15% target is unlikely to be met without taking specific measures. However, scheduled SME dedicated calls under the 2011 work programmes are expected to increase the EU contribution to SMEs in the Cooperation programme from 14,1% towards the 15% target.

An analysis of the 2011 Work Programmes of the thematic priorities in FP7 is presented below. In addition, the 5th SME Progress Report also includes for the first time a regional analysis of the 15% target in signed Grant Agreements within the Cooperation Programme, as well as a detailed analysis of the participation of SMEs per region in the main programmes of FP7 i.e. Capacities and People.

A first finding is that the participating SMEs are concentrated in certain regions: around 30% of the participating SMEs are based in 15 of the 305 regions. Further, half of the 305 NUTS-level 2 Regions in the Member States and the Associated Countries reach the 15% target.

  Type de document : Rapport   Auteur(s) : DG Recherche Courriel de l’auteur : Lieve.VanWoensel@ec.europa.eu   Institution : Commission       Pays : Union européenne Langue : EN   Références du document :       Nombre de pages : 99       Mots clés : 7PC ; PME ; ERA ; 5ème rapport ; participation     Commentaires :  

Statistical analysis of data on Grant Agreements in FP7 signed before the 1st of April 2010 Main data source: CORDA


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