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Learning to blog for a business can appear a daunting prospect. It certainly did the first time somebody suggested it to me. What would I write about? Who would be interested. How would they find my stuff? And anyway school was a long time ago. Maybe my command of the language isn’t all it needs to be?

That was a long time ago. Now I’ll write most days. Mostly for our businesses but sometimes just for fun. And then there are times I’ll get so angry about something blogging my disgust is a relief valve. I can say what the hell I like. There’s a lot to be said for blogging.

In my opinion every business should have a blog – a compendium of thoughts and arguments explaining what the business does, how its better than the competition, and how customers benefit.

Our blogs are just that. Prospects and customers can browse our pages, understanding our value proposition from the perspective they choose. Every article is our best sales presentation on one dimension of the problems we help people solve. We don’t have to quiz prospects to figure out their pain points. We just offer all the answers and invite them to choose which best relates to their needs.

But most businesses we talk to can’t find a way over the barriers. First there’s the question of technology. Then there’s the question of content, or topic. And finally there’s the hard work – learning how to write in simple terms about complex issues, keeping it short, on topic, and hopefully a little entertaining.

Technology is really simple – go to Posterous (my favourite for the novice), Blogger or WordPress for free software and hosting.

Content shouldn’t be difficult – it’s really just the arguments you use in sales pitches.

Writing is the tough part. There is no way around the need for somebody to put into words on a web page the reasons customers should come to the business. But that particular mountain turns into a mole hill with Brian Clark’s – Copyblogger – advice. In his article Is F.E.A.R. Holding you back he generously explains how would be, but held back, bloggers can face down the devils and get on with it.

Personally, I don’t know Brian Clark but admire his work immensely. Anybody wanting to learn about blogging for their business should be following him. Before they know it they’ll at least be one eyed men in the land of the blind, and enjoying it.

And the proof in the pudding? Through nothing but blogging we’ve engaged interested people all over he world – from Beijing to San Diego. In the last year we’ve had more 2,000 download our White Papers and 350 sign up for our software.

Ideas engage people, and blogging engages people in ideas.

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