Pick of the Week – May 29th.

Here’s our selection of interesting business stuff on the web this week.

In Front Office Box News and Views  we have this weeks Featured Business – Stone Creek LLC Patent Agent  Alan Flum offers a unique and imaginative range of services to help business identify, protect and exploit their intellectual assets.  Do you know which are yours? and are they protected?

In Front Office Box News and Views there’s a story about Techsmith and the way they make it easy for them to charge your credit card but really difficult for you to stop them doing it.  This is the sort of thing giving the Internet a bad name

In our Front Office Box blog Blogging for Your Business explains the benefits of getting over the barriers to putting it all out there and points to some real leadership from Copyblogger. Increasingly the company blog is the shop window, presenting value propositions in engaging multi media content.  Mr. Google loves blogs and will even help prospects find yours.

In the Open Forum blog Kate Lister explains Why You Should  Raise Prices This is a pet subject of ours, because improvements in price (or reductions in discount) are the fastest route to improvements in the bottom line.  They also act as a valuable discipline on the business.

Also in the Open Forum Rohit Bhargava explains  Why Being #1 on Google Doesn’t Matter  When targeting traffic with content its useful to have a clear picture of objectives.

Mashable reports on how Linked In Beefs Up Its Integration With Twitter  Like it or loathe it, Twitter is a whole new paradigm in business communication.  Businesses which ignore Twitter do so at their peril.

The Next Web reports on a new style of Phishing Attack using browser tabs and about new Gadgets for Gmail

Seth Godin expresses some interesting perspective on The Modern Business Plan which makes a refreshing change from that sterile revenue, costs and cash dimension.

In the Front Office Box blog Clients Partners Customers and Clowns we’ve described the challenges in our consulting business where we’re trying to educate a client who just won’t learn.  You’ll easily identify with the situation.

That’s it for this week – time for my cocktail which this evening will be an excellent single malt whisky from Bowmore.

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