Establishing strong partnerships in S&T will enable the EU and the United States to, together, not only address global challenges, such as in environment, energy, and health, but also to advance knowledge and scientific understanding by benefiting from each others’ experiences and know-how.

Two new projects were launched in October 2009: “BILAT-USA” and “Link2US”. Supported by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (FP7), these complementary projects enhance EU-U.S. S&T cooperation through dialogues and information exchange activities between the EU and the United States and create greater awareness on both sides of the range of opportunities for S&T cooperation. The outcome of these activities will contribute to overcoming barriers to cooperation, developing cooperative research policies and topics, and formulating respective FP7 projects.

In more pragmatic terms, the BILAT-USA and Link2US projects will together serve as an information platform for identifying funding programmes for cooperative research projects and facilitator fostering trans-Atlantic EU-U.S. cooperation.

This web portal consists of three dedicated web-sites:

  • Home will provide you an overview of EU-U.S. S&T cooperation, which includes
  • various cooperation schemes such as EU-U.S. S&T Agreements, bilateral S&T agreements between member states and the U.S as well as cooperation within the 7th Framework Programme;
  • the most up-to-date S&T News from EU and U.S.;
  • Quarterly E-Newsletter
  • Access to relevant Documents & Publications
  • Links
  • BILAT-USA and Link2US web-sites, which are described below, provide more detailed information on Project activities and deliverables.
  • Please share your comments and feedbacks to help us to improve its functionalities!
    BILAT-USA and Link2US Projects Team


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