New Dementia Social Network

Opportunity Links to develop pioneering dementia social network

A peer support network, using cutting edge social networking technology to support people affected by dementia, is being developed by Opportunity Links.

A pioneering project to support people affected by dementia is being developed by Opportunity Links, working with the Alzheimer’s Society, Age Concern Cheshire and Central & Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust. The online peer support network based on cutting-edge social networking technology will launch in Cheshire in the autumn, as part of the national dementia strategy pilot project.

Operating in a similar way to Facebook – users will be able to come together online to discuss the ways in which dementia affects their lives, share experiences and form communities. This local online community will develop into a ‘peer support network’ of real relationships and support.

It is aimed at people whose lives are affected by dementia in a variety of ways including those with a diagnosis, their family, friends and carers, as well as health professionals.

Mark Cheverton, Managing Director of Opportunity Links, who are building the technical infrastructure for the project, commented: “Social media provides an ideal platform to engage with a wide range of people, to share advice and information online and build support networks”.

Jill Walter, Chief Executive of Age Concern Cheshire, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a new way of helping all those affected by dementia.

“Social media has so much potential to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.”

Roger March, Service Manager for Alzheimer’s Society, said: “This project should help avoid isolation and encourage the exchange of ideas amongst those affected by dementia, which could have a positive impact on their ability to live well with dementia.”

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