Dementia Campaign

Community Care this week launches a campaign to demand that politicians recognise the needs of the growing number of people with dementia, and give the issue the debate it deserves during the general election campaign. You can support the campaign now by signing our online petition.

An estimated 600,000 people have dementia in England alone and that figure is expected to double in just 30 years.

The cost of supporting them will increase from £15.9bn to £34.8bn in the next 16 years. Dementia costs the UK five times as much as cancer but research spending – £50m a year – is 12 times lower than for cancer. The public purse might be bare but the cost of dementia will not go away – and until the gravity of the situation is recognised a heavy burden will be placed on the carers and family members who support some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Today’s Community Care survey shows for the first time the care workforce’s exasperation both about the current standard of care and the lack of political willpower to sort out the problem. They feel the issue has been neglected both by the NHS and the government.

A dementia tsar has been appointed to co-ordinate strategy and last year’s national dementia strategy contained valuable objectives, but there is uncertainty over whether it really can be implemented. Political determination is essential to turn good intentions into a reality. That is why we are asking politicians to sign our Dementia Declaration:

“We demand a full debate on the issue of dementia during the general election campaign, recognising the increasing numbers of people with the disorder and the need to make improving their care an explicit priority when allocating resources in future.”

We want you to offer support too to pressurise the leaders and prospective leaders of the country to act. Only then can those with dementia be offered the support they need.

Sign the Dementia Declaration now! 

You can also follow the campaign on Facebook, and put a special campaign icon, called a twibbon, on your Twitter profile.

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