PS FP7-ICT-2009-6: Wrist surgical intervention results forecasting and simulation system

An Italian SME is looking for several partners from both industry and academy for a project to be submitted under the FP7-ICT-2009-6 call with deadline on 13/04/2010, specific objective 5.3 Virtual Physiological Human. The project will provide a reliable simulation solution to significantly enhance the effective results of demanding wrist surgical interventions by forecasting them on virtual patient-based models.

Description complète

The Italian SME looking for partners is specialised in high technology complex system development and integration, mainly with regard to software applications for simulation and real-time embedded systems. This company matured several years of experience integrating its simulation suite for virtual prototyping and real-time monitoring of complex objects in different activity fields.

The project for which partners are sought is aimed at providing surgeons with a framework for virtual surgery, focused on wrist pathologies. The framework will allow surgeons to evaluate how much the surgical intervention restores wrist functionalities. In this way, surgeons will be able to approach the same surgical intervention using as many different strategies as they want, compare them and, finally, choose the best one to be applied as the real surgical intervention. Moreover, the framework will allow appropriate training for apprentice surgeons, which will be able to learn by doing, in a virtual way, on the real cases available from the framework virtual library.
The proposed solution is based on a simulation computerized environment that manages user’s interaction with wrist 3D graphic models according to the corresponding biophysical models. This solution is proposed as the result of the integration of already available technologies and tools with new ones that will implement the algorithms resulting from the specifc scientific research applied to the project. The wrist 3D graphic models to be adopted will be generic models at first and later on patient’s effective models generated from TAC/RM images.

3 to 6/8 partners are currently needed in order to finalise the project proposal and the appropriate consortium building. The following partners/expertises would be particularly appreciated:

a) Research organisation (preferably): bioengineering / algorithm development for the description of tissues and wrist physical movements, reactions and modifications
b) SME/Research organisation: high-definition image processing for human tissues recognition (particularly for arm/wrist/hand)
c) SME (preferably): advanced 3D graphic modeling
d) SME/Research organisation: definition and development of software interface to patients’ databases
e) End-users (patient-side): hospitals and clinics / demonstration activities (typical end-user may deal with: e.g. arthritis and/or carpal tunnel and/or wrist related problems due to sport practice)
f) R&D + End-users (trainee-side): university, hospitals, clinics, SMEs active in training methods, models and instruments for surgeons / demonstration activities, joint development and integration with existing surgery training platforms
g) SME: active in the sector of biomedical ICT solutions with a keen interest for future commercialisation

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
Call identifier: FP7-ICT-2009-6
Challenge 5: Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare
Objective ICT-2009.5.3: Virtual Physiological Human
Project type: Collaborative project/STREP
Call deadline: 13/04/2010
Proposal development stage: under development, with 3 partners already identified
Requested EU funding: approx. ¬ 2M
Percentage of EU funding: 75%

Expertise recherchée:

– Type of partner sought: Both from industry and university

– Specific area of activity of the partner: Bioengineering, biomedicine, 3D graphic, simulation, virtualisation, surgery, training

– Task to be performed by the partner sought: Depending on further proposal development. The Italian SME could act as project coordinator but would also evaluate other possibilities, should a most suitable coordinator express a motivated interest in short time

Here’s an example of the type of opportunity we’ll be pursuing in the future. Apparently the pace of Calls and Awards will accelerate from now and there’ll be an increasing emphasis on the involvement of multiple SMEs in projects.

Why SMEs? Because they’re seen as the best hope of a) successful completion of projects (commercial rigour) and b) commercial exploitation.

That’s us!

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