SME Partner for FP7 Projects

The EUs Framework Programme 7 is the most ambitious yet, targeting investment at research commercial businesses won’t pursue.  Grants are provided to academic and science communities, helping cover the costs of discovering new ways to  address issues impacting the European Community and beyond. Consortia comprising institutions and SMEs across the European States are enabled in ways which assure the target impact is delivered through commercial success.

With FP7 everybody wins:

  • EU targets social and economic gains.
  • Populations achieve quality improvements and economic growth.
  • Institutions attract funding and recognition.
  • SMEs build new businesses.

At Avantrasara we know about FP7 – been there, done that, and got the tee shirts.

For multiple reasons the EU prefers projects led by, or at least including SMEs.  Business adds commercial rigour to scientific excellence, enabling realisable innovation.  SMEs add flexibility and ambition creating the drive to actually make it happen.

Or at least that’s our experience.

So institutions looking to partner with SMEs for FP7 proposals will be welcome talking to Avantrasara.

  • We have proven skills in data aggregation and analysis, across international borders and technology platforms.
  • We have some rocket science technology for discovering intelligence buried in data.
  • We have proven skills in accommodating the special needs of the scientific community.
  • We have a track record of innovation in commercial exploitation.

And we’re Open for Business.  If your institution is looking for an SME partner to help meet FP7 requirements talk to us – email and we’ll get straight back to you.

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