Internet Based Services Gaining Ground in Healthcare

Is healthcare the last bastion of closed systems? It can certainly feel like it to anybody trying to aggregate data from multiple hospitals, and especially across international boundaries – like us.

Getting individual IT organizations to do simple things the same way is harder than most of us would imagine. They have all these fall back excuses – the pretend ethics ones they hide behind.

But they won’t be doing that for much longer now the Internet is achieving some real traction, as is demonstrated by the success of GE Healthcare in this extract from the company’s news center.

“We’re thrilled to have more than 500 customers worldwide enjoying the Web-based benefits of PACS-IW,” said Don Woodlock, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare IT. “Despite the geographic diversity of our global PACS-IW customer base, it’s interesting to note that our customers share common challenges and core needs. Our customers strive to provide timely access to imaging results to referring physicians, while also providing radiologists with the requisite tools to manage imaging growth. Centricity PACS-IW helps provide them a robust Web-based PACS platform to drive radiology operations, enable optimal service to referring physicians and help improve radiologist productivity.”

With the unveiling of version 3.7.3, GE Healthcare IT has engineered a global product that supports systems integration, language and character set localization in English and ten additional languages. Available as an optional module to 3.7.3 is Centricity PACS-IW Oncology Workflow, providing advanced Web-based PET/CT image fusion, reconstruction and automatic MIP all within the native PACS user interface for use by radiologists, oncologists and referring physicians. This latest release also includes performance improvements, an improved graphical user interface, as well as optimized integration to GE’s Web-based RIS, Centricity RIS-IC, and advanced speech understanding solution, Centricity Precision Reporting. Offered as Centricity Radiology-IW for Web-based RIS/PACS, the integration of PACS-IW version 3.7.3, RIS-IC and Precision Reporting combine to deliver tighter patient context sharing for paperless workflow, powerful reporting and improved radiologist productivity.

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