Coffee Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer

A while ago we read some reports that drinking coffee could mitigate some of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. There was even a suggestion it might reverse them.

Next we saw a study showing the health benefits of drinking alcohol (for traumatic brain injury patients at least.

Then we had the study proving nicotine is a useful medication for all sorts of conditions, and especially depression.

Not being a clinician, or even a scientist, I have no idea whether these reports mean anything or not, but do enjoy them coming along to confound the thought police.

And I really enjoy coffee. So this Wall Street Journal article Fighting Prostate Cancer, A Cup of Coffee at a Time made my week.

“there are reasons to think there may be a cause and effect relationship. “Coffee has effects on insulin and glucose metabolism as well as sex hormone levels, all of which play a role in prostate cancer,”

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