Gartner Misses the Point of Open Source

We plan offering an open source version of our Bayesian Artificial Neural Network available to anybody who wants to use it. Which is why Open Source Is Trending Towards Customer Obscurity caught my eye.

Given the steamroller success of Linux and MySQL, plus other open source software such as Ruby on Rails (and a bunch more) it’s hard to agree with the points made in the Gartner blog. In fact for me it’s impossible.

Prentice suggests:

Open source might have a feel-good glow today. But the more enterprises consider open source software the more that glow will fade under serious scrutiny. In that environment, generic open source value statements ultimately provide little meaningful benefit to a software provider. Or worse – they come across as patronizing, mom & apple pie statements. The more that’s recognized the more open source will be banished as a selling proposition by marketers across the industry.

Typical of these people who make a living telling others what they want to hear, he’s guilty of ignoring what’s actually going on in the world. Open source doesn’t generate huge license fees, but it does create packaging, maintenance and support revenues.

Best of all it reduces cost of sale and on going development to zero.

Anybody who’s sold enterprise software should understand the two biggest problems are those.

What happens when you put up an Open Source, Crowd Developed software product?

You get Linux and Red Hat. Of course you also put consultants like Gartner out of business, which is maybe the point of the article.

As far as I know turkeys still aren’t voting for Christmas.

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