GE Announces New Technology for Intensive Care Data Management

GE Healthcare seems to be announcing new technologies almost everyday. This is another one which looks to be complementary to our research. I wonder why they won’t talk to us? Something to do with “not invented here” no doubt. It’s strange – the more successful a company gets, the more the people in it think they have a monopoly on good ideas.

GE Healthcare has launched an information management solution for intensive care units.

GE’s Centricity Clinical Notification System (CNS) aims to reduce clinical incidents and ensure that clinicians follow compliance guidelines.

It allows clinicians to set alerts based on changes in a patient’s condition over a chosen period of time and then notifies them when they need to take action.

The notifications can be related to clinical events, protocols or the completeness of patient data. For example, if a patient’s blood plasma level goes out of the clinician’s specified points, a notification can be sent.

Nicolai Mokros, general manager at GE Healthcare IT for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “The purpose of this technological breakthrough is to help clinicians when evaluating the patient’s health condition by automatically searching available data from the Centricity database.

“CNS then compares the results to user defined rules and identifies potentially relevant clinical events by bringing them to the user’s attention.”

The system allows ICU staff to check the clinical significance of the notification and follow up on eventually required actions before the situation becomes critical for the patients.

Earlier this year, GE committed to investing €4.5 billion over the next six years to developing technology in the healthcare sector. It said its new ‘Healthyimagination’ programme would aim to reduce health care costs and improve access and quality.


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