Wipro Medical Gateway for Remote Healthcare Management

BANGALORE – Wipro Technologies has developed a medical gateway solution for remote healthcare management on real-time basis through mobile, broadband and dial-up networks, the IT bellwether said Saturday.

Powered by Intel’s Atom processor, the solution will enable improved care coordination between patients and their healthcare providers.

The application also helps doctors to overcome challenges faced in traditional care delivery processes, as the intelligent embedded platform will monitor, track and manage healthcare information from a remote location, the global software major said in a statement here.

Using convergence technologies, doctors can do real-time clinical review of patients by capturing vital data from medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose metres, pedometers and weighing scales.

Health-conscious ageing population in developed markets takes care of their own health. This has spurred advances in remote patient monitoring technologies, which are beyond the reach of the majority in the emerging economies, Wipro general manager (medical devices) Manimaran said in the statement.

Wipro’s strategy is aimed at bridging the gap by providing manufacturers a time-to-market solution to launch customised medical devices.

The devices can be connected through wired and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Serial and USB to provide real-time medial data, video and image transfer from a patient to doctors, Manimaran pointed out.

The gateway solution transmits real-time medical data to application servers, physician handhelds and hospital systems through GSM (global system for mobile communication) broadband and dial-up.

Wipro engineers did the end-to-end design and developed the high performance, low-cost solution to lower the cost of ownership.

Intel architecture has led to ground-breaking applications at our India design house, which provides hardware and software support to get products to market faster, Intel South Asia marketing director Sanat Rao noted.

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