On-line Services for Clinical Trials

Further evidence of opportunities for web based, on-line services to contribute to Clinical Trials and, we assume, Clinical Research.

The short video gives an interesting example of how structured data analysis tools can be used to interrogate the data warehouse.

Sealed Envelope™ is dedicated to providing 24 hour, 365 day a year randomisation services for clinical trials using both internet and telephone based systems.

Our internet randomisation services allows investigators to randomise patients from anywhere in the world through the convenience of their web browser. We offer a basic free service intended for small unblinded non-commercial trials. We also offer a comprehensive service that is fully customised to each trial. Key features are:

* Easy to use
* Flexible setup customised to your trial requirements
* Hosted service – we take care of all hardware and software maintenance, backup and internet hosting issues so you can get on with running your trial
* Real-time access to trial recruitment including email and/or fax alerts of new randomisations
* Control panel for trial co-ordinators to maintain user accounts, perform unblinding (where permitted), download audit log files and more
* Secured with SSL encryption and hosted in a fully audited high security data centre

Our telephone randomisation service uses automated response technology (sometimes called IVR or IVRS) to allow investigators to randomise patients using their telephone keypad. Key features are:
telephone conversation

* 24 hours, 365 days a year availability
* Flexible setup customised to your trial requirements
* Freephone, local or national rate numbers available
* Email and/or fax alerts of new randomisations
* Hosted in a fully audited high security data centre
* Can be combined with internet randomisation for maximum flexibility

Whichever system you choose, you’ll benefit from our high standards of service and attention to detail. Peer reviewers will be assured that randomisation was carried out centrally and randomisation data held independently from other patient records at the data-collection centre. See more information on the problems of using real envelopes to appreciate the advantages of centralised randomisation.

A fully featured demo of our customised internet service is available so you can see how the system works and the many useful features we offer. Contact us if you would like a demonstration of our telephone service, have any specific queries about our services or would like a quote for your trial.

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