A Role for Social Media in Healthcare

Perversely social media holds lot of promise for the healthcare community. Medicine has always relied on individuals sharing what they discover, collaborating with others to ensure validity and publishing so others can benefit.  Social media technologies do an excellent job of helping professionals do precisely those things.

User profiles, blogs, discussion groups, file sharing and multi media all do the same jobs that directories, papers, publications do.  They just let people do more, with more people, faster. That doesn’t address the confidentiality issue, but we can do that by creating private, invitation only sites and groups.

That’s the background to the Avantrasara Clinical Research Collaboration site.

It’s private, invitation only.  Members are accredited clinicians with knowledge to share, questions to ask, and advice to give.

It’s about publish, peer review and disseminate to that discoveries by individual researchers can help more patients benefit more quickly from their discoveries.

It’s a complimentary resource to the Clinical Research Hub, with the Hub being about data, calculations, analysis and reports.  This forum is about the conversations which help clinicians to those things together.

This might be a new idea, but it isn’t that new or unique – check out Trial Interactive and Ozmosis

All accredited clinicians are welcome to request invitations to join – just complete the form on our Clinical Research Hub Registration page.

Once we get it off the ground we’ll add more facilities and remove the advertising.

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