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The Avert-IT project has been featured in the guidance document produced by the Use and Diffuse project.

USEandDIFFUSE is co-financed by the European Commission DG Research under the 7-th Framework Programme.

The Strategic Objective of the USEandDIFFUSE pr oject is to enhance the dissemination and exploitation of research results and facilitate the exchange of best practices in this area.

To this end, this project will focus for the most part on RTD projects implemented under the Framework Programmes with the involvement of small and medium sized enterprises (CRAFT projects, Collective Research projects, as well as STREPs and Integrated Projects in which SMEs play active roles as RTD performers and end users of results) and will aim to identify leading projects in terms of results exploitation and dissemination. In addition, best practice will be extracted and will provide a solid platform upon which ongoing and future projects can build in order to contribute to a European Research Area that has a true impact on the competitiveness of SMEs, the pillar of our European economy.”

Selected as an example of best practice in the implementation of FP7 funded research Avert-IT is one of four case studies used to help potential grant applicants prepare.

You can download a copy of report [download id=”12″]

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