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Emergence of a Unique Resource

Clinicians lead developments in health care sciences through a proven process of discovery, publication, peer review and dissemination.  The fundamental concepts enabling this process are collaboration and sharing. Advertisements

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Planning Solution – Front Office Box

We’re using Front Office Box to manage all of our planning, scheduling and relationships. This is an unbelievably capable, and yet elegantly intuitive application we get to use for free, because the people who provide the service are good friends.

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The Difference Between Prediction and Early Diagnosis

Whether our BANN is predicting an outcome or diagnosing a condition might sound a mute point, but the answer has an impact on our ability to patent the invention. The EU will not allow any patents related to diagnosis. We … Continue reading

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Transforming Patient Data

At which point of transformation does data collected during care cease to belong to the patient? This is a major ethics question we need to get a clear ruling on, because it’s the data that makes everything work. We asked … Continue reading

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