IPR Protection

We have a challenge regarding what the EU in Framework 7 describes as Dissemination and Exploitation.

To be fair FP7 is targeted at all types of innovation and in most cases the protection of foreground results is the standard patent application process. Life gets a little more difficult in medical projects and especially when it comes to software.

First off people say it’s really hard to patent software with the need to prove the innovation.

Second they tell us it’s not possible to patent anything to do with diagnostics.

Third they tell us we can’t patent anything that’s in the public domain (fair enough).

Fourth the EU wants us to “disseminate” the results in conferences etc.

Fifth the medical community won’t accept our technology unless we tell the world exactly how it works.

Sixth, best of all the venture capital community won’t invest in our technology unless we have a patent.

Confused? I am 🙂

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