Getting More from the Business Internet

Can anybody afford to miss out on the Business Internet? Can You? Can our Consulting Help Get You There Faster?

Consulting Software Services
Inbound marketing consultant inbound marketing software inbound marketing services
Selling Relating Optimising
Present targeted messages at wider range of customers and prospects changing the rules for both marketing and sales. Open new possibilities for connecting with the market, listening and learning from conversations. Lower costs of software and services changing the market dynamics – more flexibility, more serviceability, more functionality.
-Shorten the learning curve – we know what works. Choose the right tools- with free or low cost software and services. Coach your team – so you don’t need us.

FP7 Exploitation Management

We bring these services together in our role as Exploitation Manager for FP7 projects. The European Commissions Framework Programme 7 provides grant funding to help Universities, Research Institutes and SMEs work together, targeting innovation the commercial world won’t pursue. In medical devices particularly, FP7 offers the opportunity to reverse the usual innovation process and removes risk from the early stages in development of new technologies for healthcare. As Exploitation Manager we’re responsible for planning, and delivering, routes to market. We deploy our Business Internet capabilities to research and exploit opportunities, and engage stakeholders.

Call for a chat.

The Business Internet opens opportunities never seen before for businesses. But exploiting them takes a new combination of philosophy, experience and skills. Most smaller businesses won’t have the resources needed to make the most of new conversations, channels and collaborations. That’s where we come in to help with consulting, software, and services. For the last three years we’ve been watching and learning as this new paradigm has evolved.

  • We don’t charge anything for conversations.
  • Find out how we exploit the Business Internet
  • Ask about our services.
  • Fast Track your resources to total capability, led and supported by our consulting
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